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Thu Jan 18 09:45:34 PST 2001

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> > Age of Empires (yes, I'm aware
> > that it wasn't directly programmed by MS, but they needed
> to follow the MS
> > release schedules): Focused on getting the game right -->
> High quality
> > software.
> I can't speak for the first release, but I found AOE2 to be a
> smashingly fun
> and excelent game  :)

Yup.  I've never played AOE*, but I have to admit that I've enjoyed the
games I've played that were published my Microsoft (Monster Truck Madness 2,
Midtown Madness, Links 2001 - Funny story there.  I bought EA Sports' Tiger
Woods PGA Tour 2000, but took it back and exchanged it for Links 2001
because IMHO it's a better game overall.  One of the few times I've used
"Microsoft" and "better" in relation to each other).

It's the OS & Office suite side I don't care for.  We used to have Office
'97 here where I work, but last year we upgraded to Office 2000.  Aside from
appearance changes, I found no new features that made me say "How did I ever
get along without this?"  Rather, they removed one of the features that I
depended on daily. <sniff>

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