JFS and XFS - Linux Journaled File Systems

Fabio Fracassi f.fracassi at gmx.net
Thu Jan 18 10:42:11 PST 2001

On Thursday 18 January 2001 18:22, you wrote:
> Hi.
> I don't know if any of you already tried out a journaled file system yet,
> but even if you did, it's probably been ReiserFS. But if you're really
> interested in the subject you should really give JFS and XFS a go.

Thanks for the adresses, I will give them a try.
On a slight note, you now that ReiserFS is more than only a JFS,
it uses a new balanced tree algorythm for file allocation and storage,
which makes file access (especially multiple small files, which are needed 
for Mail, News, Cache, etc...) faster

> By the way, has anyone seen a Logical Volume Manager (LVM) for Linux yet? I
> would love to try one out. ;)

IIRC its part of the 2.4 Kernel


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