JFS and XFS - Linux Journaled File Systems

M.Hoes maarten_hoes at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 18 13:14:54 PST 2001

So a LVM is right in the 2.4 kernel ? Wow... I must have been hiding under a
rock for too long then. ;) Will start the final 2.4 kernel download as soon
as possible, so I can use my 4 physical different disks as one whole logical
volume (and see if I can put a journaled filesystem on it ;) )

And I seem to need new glasses too, as IBM is indeed working on something
called an Enterpise Volume Management System too, and I completly missed it
when looking at JFS on the same web-site... Jeez... Not sure that the Yast
disk-setup-thingy in SuSe fully qualifys as a LVM though...

And bout ReiserFS, I know that it does not 'just' implements journaling but
designed a new fs altogether that implements some other nifty stuff as
well... but... I guess the same goes for JFS and maybe even XFS...?

And come to think of it, does anyone know whatever happened to ext3fs? Is
anyone using that? The project doesnt seem to make much progress anymore.

As for the sources for XFS, they have them hidden away in cvs. There's a web
interface to the cvs sources too at:


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