[OT] RE: Open and closed source...

Tony Karakashian tonyk at monstertruck.cc
Thu Jan 18 13:38:08 PST 2001

>> It's the OS & Office suite side I don't care for.  We used to have Office
'97 here where I work, but last year we
>> upgraded to Office 2000.  Aside from appearance changes, I found no new
features that made me say "How did I ever get
>> along without this?"

Well, then, you probably don't do any custom "Office apps", right?  The
97-2000 upgrade was, in my understanding, primarly a release for people who
develop in Office VBA (like me).  From an administrative point of view, it's
a lot nicer with the auto-updating features, etc.  I agree, though, if you
don't develop, it's not a worthwhile upgrade.

>> Rather, they removed one of the features that I depended on daily.

I'm curious, which one?


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