Anyone successfully installed bind (any version)....

Daniel Roethlisberger admin at
Thu Jan 18 16:57:55 PST 2001

>> Nope. Just finished a recompile of the entire system with
>> glibc-2.2.1, kernel 2.4.0 and gcc- bind-9.0.1
>> compiled just fine.

> I've managed to install Bind on my LFS system running kernel
> 2.4 and glibc 2.2.0 without any problems.

I can back that up. bind-9.1.0 compiled fine with glibc-2.1.3,
gcc-2.95.2 and kernel 2.4.0 .

I had to tweak my bind-8 zone files a bit though to actually get
it running again.. ;)


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