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SamBC sambc at nights.force9.co.uk
Fri Jan 19 06:48:16 PST 2001

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From: "Simon Geard" <delgarde at ihug.co.nz>

> Actually, I've found most of the Office apps - Word and Excel in
particular -
> to be extremely good. They're getting a bit bloated and over-featured
as new
> versions are released, but I have to say I've never seen any word
> as comfortable to use as Word. I don't like Office 2000 much, but '97
is very
> usable.

I personally like StarOffice, which even has fairly good migration from
Word to StarWriter. And it exists for Linux & MS, and it recently went
GPL... all in all quite good.

Oh, and the file formats are fairly compatible...


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