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Eric A. Ayer mwalker at
Fri Jan 19 09:54:55 PST 2001

> perhaps all of you guys remember why I removed the lfs-config and linux 
> lists; nobody was using the proper list and moving threads from one list to 
> another, but I'm going to give it one more try.
> I wil define clearer guidelines on the website and in the book which list to 
> use when and I will have to become more strict in what to allow on the lists 
> (i mean a message or two off topic is not a crime, it just happens when a 
> thread starts on the proper list, just move it to the other list(s) when it 
> looses the scope of the list).
> This will only work if you guys follow the rules and think before you post to 
> a list. I don't want to be a police agent all day long to make this work.
> -- 
> Gerard Beekmans

I've been caught posting to the wrong list a couple of times, so I should
probably put in a couple/few cents on the topic...

I keep forgetting exactly what lists are available, where to send posts to
exactly, etc.  This is my own fault/problem in the end, but with the way-the-
hell-past-crazy life that I am apparently in, keeping track of details (how-
ever important they might be), can be near impossible.  Here is my suggestion
for this problem: add a small section to the LFS web page that has a list of
all the mailing lists, what address to post to, and any other pertinent info.
If this has already been done while I wasn't paying attention, sorry in
advance :)


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