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Donnie Roos dr at
Fri Jan 19 13:17:30 PST 2001

At 00:52 1/19/01 -0500, Jack Detrick wrote:

>Yeah, this list is pretty huge to LFS apps.  If you want to get
>nostalgic, look at the numbers lfs-security generates!
>I agree with Steve, and everyone else that's been voicing this
>lately--there needs to be a new list.  There is now most definitely an
>LFS "community", and in a community you're going to have a lot of
>off-topic talk.  It's healthy, but only for those who want to read it. 
>Whether it's lfs-bazaar, lfs-misc, lfs-rant, or vote is a
>new list (not that I think my vote matters--just wanted to add more
>weight to the "new list" side of things)

Been there, done that, didn't work. Most people did not know where
to send their mail when they had a problem so they posted it to
multiple lists or to lfs-discuss (most traffic, there more people
who could answer). So the lists were reduced to two: lfs-discuss
and lfs-apps. lfs-discuss if for discussion about the lfs-books
and the main packages evrything else should go to lfs-apps.

I like this setup. More lists make it more confusing and most
people would subscribe to all groups anyway, otherwise something
interesting could be missed

The only thing wrong with the current setup is the people who use it.

Why do people respond to troll-messages? don't reply and the troll(s)
will go away

Why do people feel the need to post off-topic posts to lfs-discuss

Why can't people stop responding to off-topic posts or move it to
private mail?

I feel newbies should first be introduced to fido-net. There
you either learned to mail properly (and to quote properly)
or you were disallowed from posting or worse the SysOp of the BBS
you used to connect to fido-net would disconnect you.

People don't take the time anymore to lurk (and learn) before
posting. It's like they haven't learned any manners.

Yeesh. I am ranting again. BAH!

Donnie Roos

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