quote properly (here's the internet-police)

Donnie Roos dr at kaneda.demon.nl
Fri Jan 19 13:17:57 PST 2001

Hi all,

Although I don't like it I need to send this mail.

Could you people please start quoting properly!

This means:
reply below the text you're replying to.
cut away text to which you are not replying
cut away all signatures (or do you think it adds to the discussion?)

Please,please, stop quoting entire messages and just add a few
lines above it.

Why? readability and bandwidth. I pay per second that I am
connected and there are more people who are on dialup and have
to pay for every second/minute that they are connected

Stop wasting bandwidth
Stop wasting my time to read mail that does not contain anything new.

Thank you.

Donnie Roos

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