quote properly (here's the internet-police)

Donnie Roos dr at kaneda.demon.nl
Fri Jan 19 16:22:44 PST 2001

At 03:35 PM 1/19/01 -0600, Thomas T. Veldhouse wrote:

I thought about moving this to private mail but I think
more people should read this. You're not the only "offender"

>Also, I don't like to quote below - because then people have to look through
>the posting to find where the comment is - and it is often just deleted.
>Occasionally, I will post through a message as I comment individual portions
>of the message.

But why not cut the original message? just snip it away.
People already have the original message in their inbox
so there's no need to quote the entire thing. An entirely
quoted message does not provide more of an reference than
the subject-line already provides (is this sentence correct english?).

>I don't mean to sound contradictory on this - but I don't agree with a
>"dress code" for posting.  Posters should use common sense.

And common sense is to write new text _below_ the old text.
You're replying to something so that something should be read
first and than your opinion or advice should follow (just as you
do when you write a reply-letter on paper).

Quote the text to which you reply and put your reply beneath it.
If you have to quote the entire message try to condense it.
There is no need to preserve text of all previous messages. Just
snip it away.
Signatures do not add value to a discussion. The standard
unsubscribe line certainly does not.

I realise this starts to read as a flame. It is not intended
that way. However since volume is going up real fast and more
people seem to quote entire messages I feel the need to bring
this up.

Donnie Roos

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