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Jason Gurtz gurtz at snet.net
Sat Jan 20 11:45:50 PST 2001

Hey guys and gals,

    So at work I've done the job of convincing the boss that it would be a
good idea to move our email and web site in house after we upgrade our line
to 256K  :)  Now that he agrees, guess who is responsible for the design and
implementation?  Yep, that would be me!  Now, it would be easy to load
Win2k/Exchange2k/IIS on a server and it would work, however, firstly, it
would be quite expensive (>$10K USD just for the software), and secondly(but
not lastly!), it more then likely sometimes would stop working.  Both
reasons are equaly unacceptable, so, the obvious choice is to LFS a nice box
and install email server and web server software.

Apache is also obvious.  It is well proven and fills all my needs.  Email is
a little tougher;  my conservative side says just use sendmail.  It also is
well proven to be reliable and have a decent performance.  It also is
notoriously difficult to configure, and has had some security issues IIRC.
Also, each mail user has to have an actual account on the machine to use
mail.  I had no trouble installing and configuring this using the old
LFS-2.2 optional section instructions and it still works great to this day
on that machine, and has never given me any trouble at all.  The other
option I would consider is postfix.  I like the thinking behind it's design,
and IIRC it supports having mail users without them having a real account on
the machine (or was that exim?)  Still, it is (relativly) new software, so i
have the tendency to not trust it.  My question here is, as I know there
lots of postfix users around, have any of U ever had a postfix system going
for  > 1 year without restart of postfix or reboot of machine?  Mail volume
will be light, the only abuse being the transfer of large attachments.

   The other thing is my boss want's the shared contacts, public
calendering, and webmail interface that M$ exchange offers.  There is,
however, software from http://www.bynari.net/ that purports to being able to
do all that.  Has anyone ever used their product(s)  They sound most
interesting!  :)

    Then there is the matter of DNS.  I will be running BIND, but I'm
wondering to go with the tried and true 8.2.2PL7  or go with the new 9.0.0
What does bcpub use for DNS servers.  That is probably what I would go with.

Sorry for the long post, but my two favorite words were always why and how.

"Why daddy, why?" ; "How'd they do that?"  --little flake



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