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Scott Alfter salfter at salfter.dyndns.org
Sat Jan 20 12:22:05 PST 2001

On Sat, Jan 20, 2001 at 02:45:50PM -0500, Jason Gurtz wrote:
> Email is a little tougher; my conservative side says just use sendmail. 
> It also is well proven to be reliable and have a decent performance.  It
> also is notoriously difficult to configure, and has had some security
> issues IIRC. Also, each mail user has to have an actual account on the
> machine to use mail.  I had no trouble installing and configuring this
> using the old LFS-2.2 optional section instructions and it still works
> great to this day on that machine, and has never given me any trouble at
> all.  The other option I would consider is postfix.  I like the thinking
> behind it's design, and IIRC it supports having mail users without them
> having a real account on the machine (or was that exim?) Still, it is
> (relativly) new software, so i have the tendency to not trust it.  My
> question here is, as I know there lots of postfix users around, have any
> of U ever had a postfix system going for > 1 year without restart of
> postfix or reboot of machine?  Mail volume will be light, the only abuse
> being the transfer of large attachments.

When sendmail died on one of my SuSE systems (never figured out why; it just
quit receiving mail one day), I put in postfix as a replacement.  With a
packaged system, it was easy enough to install, though it required some
additional diddling to get my forwarding addresses working again.  (I have a
lot of "track???@salfter.dyndns.org" addresses set up with various
commercial entities so I can tell if any of them provide email addresses to

When the time came to migrate the server from SuSE to LFS, I figured I'd
grab postfix and install it.  While it would respond on port 25, it never
would dump mail into the queue like it should.  I had also installed
procmail (which I had been using to sort mailing-list traffic) as the dox
for postfix indicated that it needed a local-delivery agent in order to

I ended up nuking postfix off of the system and putting up qmail.  qmail
turned out to be ridiculously easy to to get up and going.  It needed a
small config change in order to direct received mail through procmail.  The
author has a bounty posted for any security hole in qmail; so far, it has
gone unclaimed.

(Right now, I'm transferring the new LFS system onto my server, and backing
it up to tape for future reference.  I still need a few more packages
(Squid, MySQL, and BIND) for it to be as complete as I want, but it boots up
in less time than SuSE took to start, it's running the latest kernel (2.4.0)
with ReiserFS, and it's optimized for the K6-2 that's in the server.  It can
also serve more systems over the network with ClusterNFS without requiring
full root filesystems for each (this will save big-time on storage

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