quote properly (here's the internet-police)

Erika Pacholleck Pacholleck.E at gmx.de
Sat Jan 20 13:12:54 PST 2001

( Sam, 20 Jan 2001 ) Simon Perreault <-- :
> .... Just use an intelligent way of posting. Not something vague as 
> "common sense", but something precise that you will always follow no matter 
> what.

To be very precise now, I always
0. use the most common subject line like "problem" or "question"
-. so everybody thinks it might be interesting
1. wait until I can at least offer 10 problems or questions
-. so everybody might grab his favourite one and answer to it
2. always use html
-. so people really have to read it to find my text parts
3. write my answer first
-. that is at least what all people are waiting for
4. quote after my answer
-. because I expect people to remember what has been said already
5. quote the whole thread
-. even if people are subscribed it is not sure they read the threads
6. use lots of abreviations
-. how else should people see how much I know and how less my time is
7. use slang
-. there is no better way to hide that I do not know better
8. write my sentences as long as possible because I expect all readers
-. to understand at least what is going on in my brain when typing the
-. the text and besides that having been able to reach the end of that
-. particular sentence the reader than knows that this thought has come
-. to its definite end and he is prepared for the next one or did you
-. expect lfs to be something else than long form of sentences?
9. repeat all signatures
-. especially the unsubscribe one can not be repeated often enough
10 attach all additional files I find uncompressed
-. no one should beg for that or use some uncompression tools first
11 use a 10-liner signature
-. how else could I make myself even more known?


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