quote properly (here's the internet-police)

Daniel Roethlisberger admin at roe.ch
Sat Jan 20 14:54:56 PST 2001

In my opinion, if a quoted text is required to fully understand
what's being written in the reply, then it should be quoted right
before the text it belongs to. If it's not - well instead of
adding the whole quote to the bottom of the mail, just remove it
entirely. The reader has already got the rest of the thread.

Whenever quoting, cut away all the clutter, just quote what's
important. Cut down long sentences. Cut away whatever is not
required to understand your point.

Unfortunately, some clients seem to quote full message to the
bottom of the reply message by default, and some do not even
recognize and cut away sigs (dash-dash-space), most notably
Microsoft mailers. There are many superiour alternatives to
Outlook and co. on Windows.


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