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On Sat, Jan 20, 2001 at 02:45:50PM -0500, Jason Gurtz wrote:
> Apache is also obvious.  It is well proven and fills all my needs.  Email is
> a little tougher;  my conservative side says just use sendmail.  It also is
> well proven to be reliable and have a decent performance.  It also is
> notoriously difficult to configure, and has had some security issues IIRC.
> Also, each mail user has to have an actual account on the machine to use
> mail.  I had no trouble installing and configuring this using the old
> LFS-2.2 optional section instructions and it still works great to this day
> on that machine, and has never given me any trouble at all.  The other
> option I would consider is postfix.  I like the thinking behind it's design,
> and IIRC it supports having mail users without them having a real account on
> the machine (or was that exim?)  Still, it is (relativly) new software, so i
> have the tendency to not trust it.  My question here is, as I know there
> lots of postfix users around, have any of U ever had a postfix system going
> for  > 1 year without restart of postfix or reboot of machine?  Mail volume
> will be light, the only abuse being the transfer of large attachments.

I just want to add to Gerard's post.. shadowfax (the
linuxfromscratch.org server) is not a big box, but a small 233Mhz/64MB

Most of the problems i've seen with postfix, is users not reading the
README/INSTALL documentation or not asking for help (bad permissions on
directories is usually the biggest) and the configuration files a _very_

There is a server running in banff that i have done LFS 2.3.5b on back in
June ~21, running Apache and Postfix, since then i haven't upgraded
anything, nor did i add any software, i have added users, etc but that's
normal, all i do is check the logs now and then to make sure she's
running all right, pretty impressive then you think about it ;)

The Postfix configuration files are very "sane" and KISS (Keep It Simple,
Stupid) the main configuration file (/etc/postfix/main.cf) is only about
15 lines long..

Anyways, just wanted to add another vote for postfix, and i'm willing to
help out/point you in the right directory, just gimme a shout as always.

And i have heard great things about qmail, i haven't had the time to
really test it..but from what i've seen it's very "anti-unix" like,
which is why i'll problably not like it, but one never knows untill they
do try ;)

>     Then there is the matter of DNS.  I will be running BIND, but I'm
> wondering to go with the tried and true 8.2.2PL7  or go with the new 9.0.0
> What does bcpub use for DNS servers.  That is probably what I would go with.

Go with tried and true when in doubt ;)

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Hehe, adding the GEEK CODE Block after #LFS, Eh? :)

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