[OT?] Any caveats with apache/php/mysql ?

Lukas Mol L.Mol at ITS.TUDelft.nl
Mon Jan 22 04:01:16 PST 2001

About my compile-time/capability problems of mysql:

on 19-01-2001 19:20, eriddle at linuxcare.com wrote:

> As long as the compile does not fail, let it continue.  If you choose not
> to compile, the binaries are an option.  If it does fail and you want to
> try again, try it with low memory option and wait, and wait, and wait, and
> see what happens...

on 19-01-2001 19:20, Björn wrote:

> If you can make more swap space, you could try recompiling with
> a larger swap area.

I decided to break out of the compile. When I did that I reran ./configure,
this time with the --with-low-memory option. make then finfished it's job
within 2 hours!
I should have read more doc's before starting ... as usual ;-)

Thanks anyway for the suggestions.
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