[OT] RE: Open and closed source...

Tony Karakashian tonyk at monstertruck.cc
Mon Jan 22 07:16:40 PST 2001

> Why? Because they have no talking paperclip or suchlike??? The only
functionality fundamentally different in MSOffice is the extremely
well-developed (in
> rms of maturity, not quality) of VBA. I'd rather  hve the option of
writing custom modules in C++, or Java at a push. OS  lets you do that,
theoretically at least. > d I believe they both have perfectly good macro
languages built in anyway...

You're forgetting four VERY IMPORTANT (TM) things:

I)  I don't know about yours, but my users LOVE the paper clip (or bouncing
ball, or Einstein).  Haven't met many users who didn't.  TECHNICAL people
such as ourselves have no use for the paper clip, but users (who it's
designed for) want and use it.  Last job, the image I created didn't have
the paper clip installed.  Oh, the rucus that caused...

II)  The reason MS chose VBA to write "macros" is again, users.  I'm sorry,
but I just don't see any of my users creating custom modules for their
applications in either C++ or Java.  Those that do create macros in VBA have
a tough enough time with THAT.  If you want to create custom modules in C++
or Java, though, you can.

III)  If you don't train your users, they'll never learn more than the
fundamentals, and won't be working very efficiently.

IV)  The one most important thing most IT people forget is they are there in
service to the users, not to get their company to run the latest whiz-bang
piece of technology for their benefit (or political need).  You may not like
MS Office, that's fine, but the users do.  You may think it's bloated in
comparison to StarOffice (I think you might want to try installing them both
and see which ones bigger, you might be surprised), the users don't.  The
users want the features they use, it doesn't matter if you don't.  Some use
mail merge, and some never use it.  Some use data filtering in Excel, some
never use it.  Hell, someone on this list just the other day commented they
removed a feature he uses every day, yet I never do.  Fundamentally, the
office suites may be the same, but fundamentals rarely cover all needs.


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