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Wolf-Ruediger Juergens WJuergens at
Mon Jan 22 10:45:26 PST 2001

Hello All,
I'm new to the lfs community, since one week I'm delaing with the "good 
book". I'm fascinated from the idea to have my own Linux ;-), because 
I'm tired of my RH 6.2 system using it since one year. RH7 is not a 
alternative for me. I've decided to use Debian in the future, but then 
I found the LFS - project. :-)
Install of glibc is just finished, so it's enough to do for me...
Reading the doc from cover to cover there are question about installing 
the kernel in Chapter 8.
Where should I build the kernel on the host system or on LFS system ?
I think on the LFS but I'm unsure.
And then add the kernel to lilo. Which /boot should I use ?
I think host is right, because of having only one lilo installed, but 
again I'm unsure ...

Thank's in advance
Wolf from Germany
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