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Mon Jan 22 19:07:18 PST 2001

I know netkit-combo's not in the book, but oh well... maybe it should be. :^)  For me to compile it, though, I had to manaully add #include <stdio.h> to the netkit-rsh/rlogind/auth.c file.  And I'm still stuck on netkit-timed/timed/timed/timed.c.  Redundant name, eh?  Anyway, I get

timed.c: In function `get_goodgroup':
timed.c:902: initializer element is not constant

when compiling it.  The line(s) in question is (are?)

# define NG_DELAY (30*60*CLK_TCK)       /* 30 minutes */
        static unsigned long last_update = -NG_DELAY;

That's odd... isn't that a constant?  Mmm... then, what's CLK_TCK?  It's supposed to be 1000000l (one million), according to "globals.h", <time.h>, and <bits/time.h>.  Lemme insert that directly...

That fixed it.  Barring some wicked preprocessor magic, this is a compiler bug--not being able to determine 30*60*1000000 at compile time just 'cuz it's hidden by several layers of preprocessor defines.
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