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Fabio Fracassi f.fracassi at gmx.net
Tue Jan 23 06:07:08 PST 2001

> The one catch with DRAC is Outlook. If you have mail in your outbox and you
> fire up Outlook the first time it wants to send mail right away. You can't
> do that, not until you have checked mail first. So outlook will send mail
> and it will fail. Then you have to check and send mail again. Outlook
> doesn't have a "check only" mail function (whereas any other 'sane'
> (subjective opinion) mailer does have such a feature) so you can't check
> first then send (it's alway send first then check or send only).

There is a patch somewhere (IIRC it was somewhere in the GMX help, since I 
dont use it, I cant tell for sure), which
corrects this missbehaviour. It was called something like popbeforesmtp, and 
just swiches the send/recive order around.


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