Nicholas Leippe leippen at enoch.et.byu.edu
Tue Jan 23 11:45:23 PST 2001

the GCC manual shows:

	all x86 cpus 386 and above will run
        all x86 cpus 486 and above will run
	all pentiums/MMX, AMD k5/6s, AMD Athlons,
	Cyrix 586 and up, WinChip, Rise will run
	all pentiumpros, PII/IIIs, celerons, AMD k6/II/III,
	AMD Athlons, Cyrix 686/MX/MII and up will run
	specific for AMD k6 family (athlon may run it, not
	sure but probably)

If you just want to optimize (tell it to schedule it) for
a specific chip but _not_ limit it from running on other
chips you can use just -mcpu=xxx instead.  (xxx being same
as for -march.)  (When you use -march, -mcpu is implied.)
This will cause the compiler to generate only code that
will run on a 386, but will schedule it optimally for the
cpu indicated.  (meaning it will still run on anything,
just not necessarily as fast)

(aka kamikaze)

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