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Simon Perreault nomis80 at videotron.ca
Tue Jan 23 17:04:33 PST 2001

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On Monday 22 January 2001 10:07, David Lautenschlager babbled:
> I prefer to read messages where the new material comes before the quoting.

Someone should really read that:

There are many other documents like that on the internet.

For all of you quote-afterers, know that people have been here communicating 
on the net long long long ago, and that quoting style is not to be discussed. 
It is as it is, and must be followed. It is an unspoken agreement that when 
you reply to an email, you reply AFTER the quote. It's a needed standard. If 
the standard was to quote before, I would fiercely support quoting before. 
Reasons are irrelevant, only the accepted standard is important.

Like on which side of the road we drive. It doesn't matter, as long as 
everyone drives on the same side.

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