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On Wed, Jan 24, 2001 at 08:54:05AM +0200, Sami Virtanen wrote:
> How about config.guess? When you run ./configure, it usually/often guesses
> (uname -m) your machines architect, I think you know that... anyway I am
> building LFS-system on another system that where the LFS is heading to. I
> build it on my Athlon system and when it's ready, I move it on to my
> server which is running on K6. So, is there any meaning why should I use
> --host blaablaa, or is it ok that my machine is guessed i686, but when LFS
> is ready, it will be running on i586?

uh, running != compiled for.

Your compiling form the source code and it will either auto detect the
optimization it should use or use whatever you tell it to, if you
compile your system and libraries for i686, they will not run on a i586
or lower (i386/i486).

If your compiling on a newer/higher-ned box then going to just copy over
the binaries/files to and older arch (i386/i486/i586), then i would suggest
using '--host=xxxx-pc-linux-gnu' (where xxxx is the archicture,
i386/i486/i586) and setting 'export CFLAGS="-march=xxxx"' (and also set

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