quote properly (here's the internet-police)

Chris F.A. Johnson chris at home.com
Wed Jan 24 00:40:56 PST 2001

On Tue, 23 Jan 2001, Simon Perreault wrote:

> For all of you quote-afterers, know that people have been here communicating
> on the net long long long ago, and that quoting style is not to be discussed.
> It is as it is, and must be followed. It is an unspoken agreement that when
> you reply to an email, you reply AFTER the quote. It's a needed standard. If
> the standard was to quote before, I would fiercely support quoting before.
> Reasons are irrelevant, only the accepted standard is important.

Approximately 99% of the time it makes sense to quote before the reply.
For the other 1%, it doesn't.

The generally acccepted practice is to reply after, and it is usually good
advice, but on those rare occasions when it doesn't make sense, I will
continue to reply ahead of the quote.

The pages such as the one you referred to are not "standards"; they are
guidelines, and, in this instance, not entirely appropriate.

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