quote properly (here's the internet-police)

scott thomason scott at industrial-linux.org
Wed Jan 24 01:38:06 PST 2001

I'm not even going to bother reading that link, Simon. When you are following a threaded conversation, it doesn't make any sense to see the quoted material at the top of the post. It's a footnote, just in case you're jumping into the middle of a thread. Seems like common sense to me.

p.s. i'm soooo confused...is linux-apps the right list for this?

On Tue, 23 Jan 2001 20:04:33 -0500, Simon Perreault said:
>  Someone should really read that:
>  http://www.uwasa.fi/~ts/http/quote.html
>  There are many other documents like that on the internet.
>  For all of you quote-afterers, know that people have been here communicating 
>  on the net long long long ago, and that quoting style is not to be discussed. 
>  It is as it is, and must be followed. It is an unspoken agreement that when 
>  you reply to an email, you reply AFTER the quote. It's a needed standard. If 
>  the standard was to quote before, I would fiercely support quoting before. 
>  Reasons are irrelevant, only the accepted standard is important.

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