mounting / ro permanently

Erika Pacholleck Pacholleck.E at
Wed Jan 24 10:04:28 PST 2001

Some time in my lfs beginning I read that it should be possible
to mount / ro only. This seemed to me a good idea.
But I am running against a wall again.

The root partition would need certainly these directories:
/bin /etc /lib /mnt /sbin with all their contents
These are the directories on other own partitions:
/boot /home /root (possible /home/root) /opt /tmp /usr /var

To my understanding /proc and /dev need rw mounting.
----- Heavy opposing preferred ;)

Instead of having in fstab : /proc /proc proc defaults 0 0
this change should work too: /dev/hda5 /proc proc defaults 0 0
So it must be possible to mount hda5 rw with /proc on it.
----- Question
Any remarks against this ?

I am using the devfs with daemon and currently begin with:
mount --bind /dev /dev-state
mount -t devfs none /dev
----- Question
Witch would be the corresponding fstab lines:
/dev /dev-state (devfs)? (defaults)? (0 0)?
none /dev devfs (defaults)? (0 0)?
----- Question
Could that be a solution to get /dev to another partition:
- copy /dev and /dev-state to other partition, say hda6
- change to other lfs-system and delete original /dev and /dev-state
- change scripts to (I feel there is a thinking mistake in it)
- mount --bind /dev/hda6 /dev-state
- mount -t devfs none /dev

Thanks for your suggestions.

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