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On Wednesday 24 January 2001 10:44 am, Thomas T. Veldhouse wrote:
> Is anybody out there using devfs on a production system?  I am considering

I am, works great.  Just make sure to follow the kernel docs :)
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> Any comments on ease and stability?

My experiences: Compile the kernel, with devfs support and mount devfs at 
boot.  Compile the devfsd daemon and start at the top of /etc/init.d/rcS with 
a line like /sbin/devfsd /dev (so it's run before anything else, save init 
that is).  Empty your /dev directory (I did this as part of LFS installation, 
so I just didn't make the files in the first place.  Did have to make 
/dev/null to install perl though.)  And boot up!

Little caveat though, in the default installation of devfsd, it doesn't save 
device file permissions/ownerships.  There is supposed to be a way to change 
this, but I've taken to just running a script at boot to restore them myself. 
 (Stuff like chgrp user /dev/sound/mixer....)

> I found this site as a reference, but it seems it might be a little out of
> date (not much though).

That site, and the kernel docs are all you really need.  (Just be sure to 
follow them carefully!)

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