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Wed Jan 24 16:31:57 PST 2001

On Wednesday 24 January 2001 04:35 pm, you wrote:
> OK, K6 is 6th Gen, but odd that it runs in 5th Gen Mobo's  (I've got a
> K6-300 churning along quite nicly in an asus p55t2p4 at home  :))  I wonder
> what the K6 could do if it ran on the Athlon platform?

Ah.  Now I see where some of the confusion came from.  The motherboard/
chipset really doesn't have anything to do with the architecture/generation
of the chip.  As long as the chip interfaces w/the same bus protocol
as the chipset it'll work.  You could, in theory, make an Athlon that
would run in a Socket 5 mobo.

> the original Cyrix 6x86 is 5th but MII is 6th  BTW, is this new MIII the
> jalapeno of 2 yrs. ago?

I'm not sure.  Via sure changed things around, and switched cores back and
forth.  I think I remember there being 4 cores that VIA now owns: IDT/Centaur's
WinChip core, Rise's core (I think they bought it?), and Cyrix's Samuel and
Jalapeno cores.  And, iirc, one of via's chips was one core, and the next
with the <same name>-version-2 was actually the other core.  My details
are very vague on this...


> Yes, the P4 is a big kludge.  Still, look at the, 'Pentium 4 vs. Athlon -
> Final Recount,' article on tomshardware.  In some things, the Athlon whips
> the pants of the P4, in other things it doesn't.

Right, but also compare clock speeds and think about the cpi that reveals.
AMD's athlon is much lower than p4, and when it gets to 1.5GHz it'll show.

> >  Intel has stuck themselves between a rock
> > and a hard place technically, and will have to use marketing brute force
> > to get out of it at this point.
> No, all they have to do is ramp the clock.

Not really.  That'll help, but it doesn't convince me.  See 
http://www.emulators.com/pentium4.htm I agree with his conclusions about
Intel's current market position/product offering dilemma.

> > AMD's next iteration of the Athlon core--the Palomino and friends, will
> > easily crush the P4.  (heck, the current Athlons already do)  And the new
> > cores don't add any great big sweeping architectural one-ups to do it.
> > For the most part it'll be just a die shrink and larger cache.
> > The Athlon
> > core is still in it's infancy of product line and growth potential,
> > compared to Intel's p6 core which is on it's last leg--they can only hope
> > to squeeze just a little more out of it with die shrinks and speed bumps.
> >


> Belive me, I'm pretty neutral when it comes to CPU buying etc...  I'd like
> an Athlon, but I won't buy one until SMP with at least DDR is in the
> stores.

Same here.  Dual Palomino... mmmm.


Nobody will ever need more than 640 kB RAM.
                 -- Bill Gates, 1983
Windows 98 requires 16 MB RAM.
                 -- Bill Gates, 1999
Nobody will ever need Windows 98.
                 -- logical conclusion

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