mounting / ro permanently

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Wed Jan 24 16:50:59 PST 2001

On January 24, 2001 07:05 pm, scott thomason wrote:
> I haven't tried it, but I suspect you don't need /bin or /mnt either. Over
> the years I have heard varying descriptions of what the 's' in /sbin stands
> for, and I've seen these responses: Secure, System, and Static. If you
> compiled the binaries found in /sbin statically, you wouldn't need /lib
> would have a kind of maxi-rescue-disk on a hard drive.

sbin is used to store binaries in that are not supposed to be executed by 
non-root users (fsck, reboot, shutdown, halt, init, telinit, *fdisk, and more 
of such). The 's' would then probably stand for 'system' binaries as opposed 
to user binaries in /bin:/usr/bin

Gerard Beekmans

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