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Wed Jan 24 22:58:58 PST 2001

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>Subject: No libncurses.a
>Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2001 19:15:58 -0800
>I'm just starting to compile Bash for the first step of building LFS,
>and I'm bombing on the lcurses link.   Unfortunately, I don't have
>"libncurses.a" anywhere on my system.  I do have ""
>(where "?" = 1 - 5).

Are you sure you don't have libncurses.a? (Double check with either a "find 
/ -name libncurses.a" or "locate libncurses.a") If not then you'll need to 
install the ncurses package for whatever distro you are using and set up the 
link for libcurses.a as described in the Installing Bash section of chapter 
5. Or alternatively, you can compile the ncurses package manually, and then 
use it to link with bash.

Chad Simmons
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