devfs && stability

Simon Geard delgarde at
Thu Jan 25 00:44:06 PST 2001

On Thursday 25 January 2001 07:44, you wrote:
> Is anybody out there using devfs on a production system?  I am considering
> working with it to simplify configuration things.  It seems like a great
> idea - but I am not sure it is mature enough for production use (it is
> marked experimental in the kernel source).

I'm using it only under my experimental setup, but I've had no problems with 
it. Whenever I next reinstall my primary setup, I'm definitely including 

If you do use it, try to avoid having to use devfsd - the compatibility 
daemon. Devfs does a great job of keeping the /dev directory tidy, but devfsd 
undoes that by filling it with old style device names linking to the new. 
Using a completely source-built system like LFS, you shouldn't need it.


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