Terminfo for vi and less?

scott thomason scott at industrial-linux.org
Thu Jan 25 04:16:37 PST 2001

Well, I don't have X installed yet on my LFS system (not even on the to-do list for what I'm working on), and you're right: that is, in fact, the behaviour I get from my RH box. Sorry for the useless pleas. :(

On Thu, 25 Jan 2001 21:37:58 +1300, Simon Geard said:
>  An observation which may or may not help you. On my system, I get your 
>  problem on the console (i.e no X) - programs like less and vim don't restore 
>  the screen. This doesn't happen under X - under any terminal program I've 
>  tried, both programs behave correctly, restoring the screen to whatever it 
>  was before less/vim was run.
>  Is this the same situation as you have - xterms work, console doesn't?

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