[OT] ftp directory structures

Ghovs ghovs at ghovs.moo.ca
Thu Jan 25 04:40:52 PST 2001


wget can fetch ftp directories recursively.
Besides that, wget is just very nice.

(from `wget --help`)
Recursive retrieval:
  -r,  --recursive             recursive web-suck -- use with care!.
  -l,  --level=NUMBER          maximum recursion depth (0 to unlimit).
       --delete-after          delete downloaded files.
  -k,  --convert-links         convert non-relative links to relative.
  -m,  --mirror                turn on options suitable for mirroring.
  -nr, --dont-remove-listing   don't remove `.listing' files.

Peter de Freitas

On Thursday 25 January 2001 09:23, you wrote:
> Ok, this is completely off-topic but pretty important for me.  I need to
> FTP a rather large directory structure to myself.  Technically, I need it
> for my Win2k machine.  However, my Win2K machine has been having trouble
> with stability lately, so I need to d/l this structure using LFS (yay) and
> then transfering it over to my Win2k using 100Mbit switched lines.  Can
> anyone tell me how to transfer a directory structure using a command line
> FTP client?  Thanks in advance
> -Steve

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