devfs - a question

C.D.McDiarmid cliffy at
Fri Jan 26 08:58:43 PST 2001


I've just installed the devfs, with devfsd for the moment.    Everything 
works fine except the LS-120 I have, which is allocated hdd by the kernel.   
The problem, is that this symbolic link hasn't been created in /dev by devfsd.
In the manual it states:

All IDE discs are placed under /dev/ide/hd, using a similar
convention to SCSI discs. The following mappings exist between the new
and the old names:

	/dev/hda	/dev/ide/hd/c0b0t0u0
	/dev/hdb	/dev/ide/hd/c0b0t1u0
	/dev/hdc	/dev/ide/hd/c0b1t0u0
	/dev/hdd	/dev/ide/hd/c0b1t1u0
This mapping(^^^^^^)doesn't exist either.   Nothing exists in the floppy 
dir., but then it wouldn't?, I have my floppy disk driver controller disabled.

Am I not seeing something here?   Someone put me right.



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