Patch for fileutils

Mike Hildebrandt mikehild at
Fri Jan 26 14:48:59 PST 2001

> From: John E Garrott Sr

> Sometime today, in one of these mailing lists,
> I saw a mention of a patch
> for fileutils when using glibc-2.2.  I've
> already lost the message :-(
> Would someone please tell me where to get it?
> (the patch :)

I've pasted it below.  Normally a search in the archives would have found
it, but as this was only sent a few hours ago, I doubt it's made it into the
archives yet...

diff -uNr fileutils-4.0.orig/src/dircolors.c fileutils-4.0/src/dircolors.c
--- fileutils-4.0.orig/src/dircolors.c  Sat Sep 19 12:09:23 1998
+++ fileutils-4.0/src/dircolors.c       Mon Nov 13 11:21:32 2000
@@ -37,7 +37,6 @@
 #define obstack_chunk_free free
 char *base_name ();
-char *strndup();
 enum Shell_syntax

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