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Ghovs ghovs at
Sat Jan 27 06:20:54 PST 2001

Simon Perrault wrote:
> The other approach is to try to make linux treat all 4 drives as a
> single logical drive. Linux has two ways of doing this: software RAID
> and LVM (logical volume management). As far as I know, the drives
> need to be the same size to use RAID, so I would do some research
> into LVM. I have never used it myself, but from what I have read it
> should be able to make a partition span multiple drives (someone
> please correct me if I am wrong). This way you could make a single
> 1.8 gig filesystem.

There is an odd thingie under software raid in the kernel, called 'linear' 
which _seems_ to do the same thing as LVM. I've been using it quite happily.

LVM is more flexible, however.

Peter de Freitas

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