LS-120 & devfs ( was : devfs - a question )

C.D.McDiarmid cliffy at
Mon Jan 29 07:46:41 PST 2001

> So, I got something very similar to
> your log when there was no floppy in the gadget installed.
> Is this the log while with or without floppy in LS-120 ?
> Sergey Ostrovsky

Okay. I've just returned to a kernel configured for the ATAPI Floppy driver, 
because I suddenly realized what's been wrong all along.   I now feel a 
plonker.   Have you ever missed something Sergey so simple that you feel 
you've wasted everybody's time?   Well I have and do.    All I had to do was 
to leave the floppy in the drive at boot-up time and the devices(hdd, hdd1, 
hdd2 etc) were created in /dev straight away and the drive subsequently 
worked.   No need for SCSI emulation or any of that.

I've had to change my boot-up sequence(the A drive was checked before any 
others), but other than that it's done.   Thanks to everybody who 
contributed.   I'm off to the funny farm.


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