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Lukas Mol L.Mol at ITS.TUDelft.nl
Mon Jan 29 09:00:45 PST 2001

on 29-01-2001 11:13, Richard Lightman wrote:

> Misquoted from Lukas Mol on 2001/01/28 at 20:36 +0000:
>> 1. Apache has set owner and group id to 1079 for quite some files. Anybody
>> knows which user/group combo is normally used/intended?
> Do you have groups nogroup & ftp?
yes and no. I don't run any ftp services.

> Do you have user ftp, primary group ftp?
no and no.

> Do you have user nobody, uid 65534, primary group nogroup?
yes, I do have nobody, uid 20, with group nogroup, gid 20.
> If that does not work, do not install as root.
If what doesn't work? Do not install what as root? Can you please be a bit
more elaborate? 

Am I missing something here? I still feel I'm in the dark here, please
enlighten me ;-)

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