HOWTO: install info pages?

Jan Stifter j.stifter at
Tue Jan 30 07:43:51 PST 2001

i downloaded and succesfully installed wget.
trying to read the info-page was not succesfull, info wget gives me
the message no menu-item wget in node (dir)Top.

well then, i looked at $ info info
where it should be described, how to install new info-pages, but the
interesting part yields to me:
Installing an Info File: No such file or directory
so i don't know, how to install new info-files.

$ info -f /usr/share/info/

works nicely.

btw: do you like info-pages? i liked man-pages much more... everything
on one page... but this is maybe, because i am a dummy and don't no
how to work with info-pages.

cheers jan
>I placed the following in my rc.local file and it is creating havoc.
Try "rm havoc".
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