stupid kernels

Arnout Couperus llhorian at
Wed Jan 31 01:00:52 PST 2001

Well that was nice,

I'm running Debian atm (yes, I know I should be running LFS :) and I tried to in
stall kernel 2.4.0 a few days ago (the debian way) and the rcS script segfaulted
 and the kernel panicked every time I tried to install it.
Today I tried to install kernel 2.4.1 (the normal way) and wouldn't you know it 
... everything segfaulted at startup. I'm surprised it even got to the login pro
mpt after all those segfaulting services. It wouldn't even mount /proc.
So I"m a bit disappointed in all this. 

Can't figure out what's gone wrong. Maybe it's something to do with Debian woody's unstable packages (gcc 2.95.3 and glibc 2.2.1 or some such), but other Debian users report great results with the 2.4.0 kernels.

So I'll just stick to 2.2.18 untill there's a distro that comes with kernel 2.4.1 (or successors) out of the box. At least then it should work. Maybe I'll try Mandrake with ReiserFS support and GRUB in the future (just to build LFS of course, I'm no sticking to an rpm based distro).

Well that's my little rant on the new and allegedly 'improved' kernels.


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