need help compiling ispell

Wolfgang Arendt Wolfgang.Arendt at
Wed Jan 31 02:51:43 PST 2001

Hello, again,

once more about ispell:

After being unable to find anybody who succeded in compiling ispell I
sent an email to ispell's maintainer, Mr. Geoff Kuenning, who has been
so kind, to send me a quick answer. Here is, what he wrote:

>This is a known bug in the RedHat distribution.  Some not very clever
>person tried to define strcmp as a macro, without bothering to
>consider the fact that some people have a legitimate need to declare
>it, or to take its address (ijoin does both).


>The correct solution is to take a look at how SuSE defines strcmp.  I
>compile ispell on my SuSE distribution all the time, without

You will remember: when trying to compile ispell, I failed, getting this

> -----------<snip>------------------------------_ 
> ijoin.c:136: macro `strcmp' used without args 
> make: *** [ijoin.o] Error 1 
> -----------<snip>------------------------------_ 

My problem is, that I am not experienced enough, to figure out, what to
make out of this information but I am sure, there are lots of
experienced programmers subscribed to this list.

Can anyone tell me, how to find out, what SuSE makes different from
RedHat, or where to look for the definition of "strcmp" or how I can get
around this?


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