stupid kernels

Casey Bralla Vorlon at
Wed Jan 31 06:26:19 PST 2001

Please help me understand something about default configurations....

>> Can't figure out what's gone wrong. Maybe it's something to do with
>> woody's unstable packages (gcc 2.95.3 and glibc 2.2.1 or some
such), but
>> other Debian users report great results with the 2.4.0 kernels.
>That somehow sounds as if you compiled for the wrong architecture,
>with the 2.4.x seris is PIII, let me guess, you don't have one, but
>change it?

Whenever I've re-compiled a distro's kernel, I've always worried that
I would muck something up (like by leaving out a critical module or
something), and then not be able to get back to where I was.  (In
other words, I want to change a whole lot of stuff at once, without
understanding what each individual change does.)   How does the
configuration file get set originally?   Is it typically set by the
distro company, or does it somehow magically "know" what the kernel
looks like?  I always wanted to save the original configuration, then
I could always go back to it and recompile later if necessary.

Could someone point me toward a tutorial on how these config files

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