OT: Sawfish startup time

Ainsley Pereira marble at linuxfromscratch.org
Wed Jan 31 11:17:13 PST 2001

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          Shlok Smári Datye <shlok at ript.net> wrote:

> Hi again
> I get click/pop (junk) sound when I redirect garbage to /dev/audio, and I
> ALSO get click/pop if I redirect a *.wav file. Does that mean my sound card
> conf has problems?
> I don't find that correct because my MP3 player works fine (both console and
> X mp3 players work). Doesn't that mean the sound card is OK?

The data within a .wav file can be in any of a number of formats. /dev/audio probably expects linear PCM data. If the wav file contains compressed data it would sound rubbish.
(Though I can't say I've ever tried - /dev/audio maybe smarter than I give it credit for.)

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