OT: Sawfish startup time

graybeard at optushome.com.au graybeard at optushome.com.au
Wed Jan 31 18:09:37 PST 2001

Shlok Smári Datye wrote:
> Hi again
> I get click/pop (junk) sound when I redirect garbage to /dev/audio, and I
> ALSO get click/pop if I redirect a *.wav file. Does that mean my sound card
> conf has problems?
> I don't find that correct because my MP3 player works fine (both console and
> X mp3 players work). Doesn't that mean the sound card is OK?

The main thing is that the soundcard is O.K. and with you're MP3 player
working then the soundcard setup shouldn't be the issue.

I had the same issue with my setup and it was resolved by "enabling" it
under the Gnome Control Panel - Sawfish Setup first and then the
Multimedia section ( as per previous post). This was after creating the
various dev files  ( char-major-14 ) to get the soundcard working.

If you're still having problems then reply directly using my above
address and we'll try and solve it "off list" the solution can be posted
back when found. 


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