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Declan Moriarty declan.moriarty at ntlworld.ie
Thu Aug 1 02:57:14 PDT 2002

Was it Jeffrey B. Ferland who wrote on Thursday 01 August 2002 04:18:
> > > Something is accessing the disk - a guy wet himself on another m/l
> > > he was surfing at 0100 hrs and the disk suddenly went crazy - turned
> > > out to be a cron job.
> > No really, *nothing* is accessing the disk - I can hear it when the disk
> > is used and I'm watching my disk activity right now using gkrellm, there 
> > is
> > literally 0 bytes being transferred to/from the disk.
> > Also, as I said the light comes on *as soon as the power button is
> > pushed* and
> > it stays on - this includes when I'm just seeing the video BIOS, and when
> > BIOS is doing the memory check, and when LILO is just sitting there
> > waitingfor me to choose what to boot.
> Mobo connection problem is usually the cause...

At a hardware level, each of these controllers will have a /RD(read), 
/WR(write), & /drive select pins ( the '/' = active low) and normally they 
will all sit there inactive and high, and the led will be off. Something is 
selected in the controller - a read, a write, or a drive select, and that's 
all; a read may not actually be going on as you say. To get a read you would 
need read and a drive select line both low. What's important is if the system 
will access all drives as needed in this state. If it does, why worry? If you 
want to fix it anyhow, I might think you'd have to recompile things :-((. 


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