Hard Disk light

Richard Lightman richard at nezumi.plus.com
Thu Aug 1 07:51:25 PDT 2002

* Chris Jensen <chris at drspirograph.com> [2002-08-01 14:08]:
> No really, *nothing* is accessing the disk - I can hear it when the disk is 
> used and I'm watching my disk activity right now using gkrellm, there is 
> literally 0 bytes being transferred to/from the disk.
> Also, as I said the light comes on *as soon as the power button is pushed* and 
> it stays on - this includes when I'm just seeing the video BIOS, and when 
> BIOS is doing the memory check, and when LILO is just sitting there waiting 
> for me to choose what to boot.
I have had this problem, but it went away before I got around to
finding out what was going on. I probably changed some BIOS settings,
the kernel, and hdparm settings, swapped a zip drive with a CDWR and a
dozen other things before I noticed the problem had gone away.

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