X tunneled over telnet?

Steve Prior sprior at geekster.com
Thu Aug 1 09:53:53 PDT 2002

My employer provides me with a encrypted VPN connection
so I can get to unix boxes inside their protected development
network and until recently had telnet, http, and X support
in their firewall which let me be pretty productive.  Now they
have decided to eliminate the remote X support because while
they can sniff the telnet and httpd daata going by, there
is no such ability to see what's going on over the X connection - before
you ask, they're a financial company so yes they are nuts about

What I was wondering is if there is anyway to tunnel X over a telnet
session in such a way that any sufficiently bored network admin
could actually "play back" the X session in case of anything really
bad (or illegal) happening?  ssh tunneling isn't an option because
of the requirement that the connection MUST be recordable, and
since the VPN gateway provides encryption anyway that would be lost
bandwidth to double encryption.

Do this sort of thing ring any bells to anyone?

Steve Prior
(an "I'll never go back to a mainstream distro again" LFS user)

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