X tunneled over telnet?

Allen Crider spam at swnews.net
Thu Aug 1 10:49:09 PDT 2002

Steve Prior wrote:

> My employer provides me with a encrypted VPN connection
> so I can get to unix boxes inside their protected development
> network and until recently had telnet, http, and X support
> in their firewall which let me be pretty productive.  Now they
> have decided to eliminate the remote X support because while
> they can sniff the telnet and httpd daata going by, there
> is no such ability to see what's going on over the X connection - before
> you ask, they're a financial company so yes they are nuts about
> security.
> What I was wondering is if there is anyway to tunnel X over a telnet
> session in such a way that any sufficiently bored network admin
> could actually "play back" the X session in case of anything really
> bad (or illegal) happening?  ssh tunneling isn't an option because
> of the requirement that the connection MUST be recordable, and
> since the VPN gateway provides encryption anyway that would be lost
> bandwidth to double encryption.
> Do this sort of thing ring any bells to anyone?

You can check to see if the packets get recorded:

telnet to the host

from the shell:$ export DISPLAY=you:0.0
from the shell:$ yourXapp

> Thanks
> Steve Prior
> (an "I'll never go back to a mainstream distro again" LFS user)

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