An ALSA nightmare....

Joel sk8tr425 at
Thu Aug 1 18:59:07 PDT 2002

I'm currently trying to get ALSA installed on my system ... and I must say
that it has been the most difficult to install of all the packages I have
tried. I completely gave up on v0.9.0, and changed over to v0.5.12a. I think
my current problem is that devfsd doesn't create the /dev/dsp by default,
since when I start kde it complains about not being able to find /dev/dsp,
unless I run the snddevices script first. However, the changes that the
snddevices script makes are not permantent. When I reboot, /dev/dsp is gone.
I don't want to have to run snddevices every time. I'd like to make devfsd
do the work that snddevices does by making changes to /etc/devfsd.conf, but
I'm not sure how to do it.

Looking through the snddevices script, I think need to create (mknod) these
/dev name    minor (all the major #'s are 14)
----------    ------
mixer           0
sequencer    1
midi             2
dsp              3
audio           4
sndstat         6
music           8
dmmidi        9
dmfm           10
amixer          11
adsp             12
amidi            13
admmidi        14

Is anyone else having trouble with alsa?

I have added these lines to my devfsd.conf file
REGISTER    sound/.*    PERMISSIONS    rw-rw----
LOOKUP    dsp            EXECUTE            /usr/script/

and is:


   pres=`lsmod | grep "^$sound_mod\ " | tr -d '[:space:]'`
   if [ -z $pres ]; then
       modprobe $sound_mod

As per the devfsd+dsp hint.

(I'm not certain if this script works right -- am I supposed to replace
[:space:] with some spaces -- how many?)

Does anyone know the difference between snd-ens1370 and snd-card-ens1370? I
have two different .o files for each of them.

Thanks for your time.
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