strange wine error

DJ Lucas dj_me at
Thu Aug 1 23:17:01 PDT 2002

"Justin Friel"  wrote:
> hey,
> somthing weird is happening when i try to compile wine-20020710 on my
> computer running lfs 3.3.  every time i try to compile, using either
> tools/wineinstall or make, it ends with the following error:
> make[2]: Entering directory
> `/home/justin/src/wine-20020605/programs/winetest'
> LD_LIBRARY_PATH="../../library:../../unicode:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH"
> ../../tools/winebuild/winebuild -fPIC -DSTRICT -DNONAMELESSUNION
> -DNONAMELESSSTRUCT `perl -MExtUtils::Embed -e ccflags` -sym
> winetest.exe.tmp.o -o winetest.exe.spec.c -exe winetest.exe -mcui
> -L../../dlls  -lkernel32
> Unrecognized option '-O3'
> Usage: winebuild [options]
> Options:
>    -h               Display this help message
>    -w               Turn on warnings
>    -C dir           Change directory to <dir> before opening source
> files
> <snip>
>    -relay32         Build the 32-bit relay assembly routines
> Exactly one of -spec, -def, -exe, -debug, -glue, -relay16 or -relay32
> must be specified.
> make[2]: *** [winetest.exe.spec.c] Error 1
> make[2]: Leaving directory
> `/home/justin/src/wine-20020605/programs/winetest'
> make[1]: *** [winetest] Error 2
> make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/justin/src/wine-20020605/programs'
> make: *** [programs] Error 2
> Compilation failed, aborting install.
> the "invalid option -O3" makes it seem that the cflags i had set in
> /etc/bashrc were messing the compile up, so I unset them.  same error.
> I then commented them out from bashrc and logged in fresh. same error.
> i have make sure that cflags and cxxflags were infact unset by running
> echo $CFLAGS and echo $CXXFLAGS, so i have no idea where this invalid
> '-O3' is coming from.
> any ideas at all?
> thanks,
> justin

2 Things..are you running 'make depend' ? and also...probably the source
of your problem, I seen it in the June snapshot, but first or second
line in the wintest/Makefile says something about including CFLAGS in
you linker flags..this was obviously an error, comment it out and then
continue the install.  Should go well for you.  I'm working on a hint,
but not actively right now.  I'd be pleased to hear back on how you've
got things configured and how things are running once you get it up and
goin.  Hit me back, with a copy of the Makefile from winetest/ if you
can't find what I'm talkin bout.


DJ Lucas

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